Ruth Carper, Ph.D. (Psychology)-Monday, February 6, 2017
Typical & atypical brain development across the lifespan: Anatomical MRI & diffusion imaging


Daniel Goble, Ph.D. (Exercise & Nutritional Sciences)-Monday, March 6, 2017
Effects of concussion on motor control and balance

Karen Emmorey, Ph.D (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)-Monday, March 20, 2017
Language without hearing – What sign languages reveal about human language and the brain

Upcoming talks in the series (videos coming soon)

Marty Sereno (Psychology)
Vision, retinotopy, and maps in the brain: fMRI and multimodal imaging

4/3: Stéphanie Riès (Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences)
Neuronal bases of language production: Intracranial recording and stimulation in neurosurgical patients

4/10: Philip Holcomb (Psychology)
Reading and developmental dyslexia: ERP

4/17: Ksenija Marinkovic (Psychology)
When the executive gets drunk: MEG, alcohol, and cognitive control

4/24: Nader Amir (Psychology)
Treatment approaches in anxiety disorders: Neurofeedback training & transcranial magnetic stimulation

5/1: Kee Moon (Mechanical Engineering)
Brain-computer interfaces for communication and control