Course Requirements 

Total Coursework Required = 30 Units
The following courses are required:
PSY 610 Advanced Research Methods in Psychology 3 Units
PSY 600 Research Orientation (one unit per semester) 2 Units
PSY 670A-670B Advanced Statistics 6 Units
or 770A-770B Advanced Statistics
PSY 797 Research 1 Unit
PSY 799A Thesis 3 Units
Three of the following are required:
Two of the following:
PSY 751 – Clinical Psychology: Theory and Practice 3 Units
PSY 740 – Seminar in Social Psychology 3 Units
PSY 587 – Advanced Principles of Learning & Cognition 3 Units
PSY 632 – Theories and Methods in Dev. Psychology 3 Units
One of the following:
PSY 561 – Seminar in Neuropsychology 3 Units
PSY 760 – Seminar in Physiological Correlates of Behavior 3 Units


In addition two electives are required (6 Units):

Electives may be selected from any other 500-700 level psychology classes or graduate classes from other departments in the university with the approval of the Graduate Advisor.  Three units of 797, additional to the one required unit, may count as one elective.



Upon admission to the program, each student is assigned a faculty research mentor.  It is expected that the student will work in the mentor’s laboratory to gain research experience and to work toward development of a thesis idea and proposal.  The proposal is evaluated and approved by a committee, chosen by the student and his/her, advisor before data collection for the thesis begins.  Once the thesis is complete, the student conducts an oral defense of his/her work and findings.  The student presents a final written report, approved by the thesis committee, to the Graduate School for credit towards the Master’s degree.