These are the Application Procedures for the MA and MS Program only.  Applicants to the Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology have a separate application process located here.

A link to the departmental application is provided in Step 5 below.  

The Psychology Department Online Application process will be available October 15.  Please read the following instructions carefully and remember that you must apply (1) to the University and (2) to the department.

Before you apply:

  • Make sure you satisfy both the San Diego State University and the Psychology Department requirements as outlined on the Admission Requirements page.
  • The deadline for the departmental application is December 15.  
  • The deadline for the online University application ( is December 15.
  • The CSU Mentor Application will ask for your “Statement of Purpose.”   You are not required to enter this, but can can state,  “Statement sent directly to department/program.”  You WILL need to include your Statement of Purpose for the Department Application (Step 5 below).
  • IMPORTANT: Once you submit your SDSU application, CSU Mentor takes 7-10 days to generate a Red ID.  You will need this number to submit your DEPARTMENT application,  so please figure this into your timeline.

Application to the Psychology Department Master’s Program is a 5-step process:

Step 1:  Take the GRE before November.

Request official test scores from  (SDSU Institution Code is 4682 and the Psychology Department Code is 2016). These must be received by December 15.


ETS: Educational Testing Services

GRE: Graduate Records Examinations

TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language

IELTS: International English Language Testing System

Step 2:  Apply to the University by December 15.

You are required to submit the CSU application form and application fee to the SDSU office of Graduate Admissions.  The preferred method of application and fee payment is on-line, at: CSUMentor (

A SDSU RED ID Number will then be assigned which allows tracking of your application status online. IMPORTANT: Once you submit your SDSU application, CSU Mentor takes 7-10 days to generate a Red ID. You will need this number to submit your DEPARTMENT application, so please figure this into your timeline.

Students applying to both the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program (JDP) and the Master’s program are required to file only one CSU application and pay only one fee, which will cover both programs.  However, you must file a department application for the JDP and another for the Master’s program.

Step 3 Submit Transcripts.  

One complete set of official transcripts needs to be sent to Enrollment services.  An official transcript from EVERY college-level institution is required, even if you took one non-psychology course there.  The admission committee will not review an applicant if transcripts are missing.

Submit an official transcript from every college level institution you have ever attended to the address below by December 15:

Graduate Admissions
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7416

Note for semester/year abroad: If you are receiving your degree from a U.S. institution and completed a quarter, semester or year abroad as part of your program, you do not need to request transcripts from the institution abroad.  An evaluation of coursework is not required.  Likewise, do NOT list this foreign institution on your CSUmentor application, and do NOT list this foreign institution on your departmental application.  (If you list the institution we will expect transcripts which delays processing.)

APPLICANTS WITH INTERNATIONAL COURSEWORK (Disregard this section if all course work was completed in USA)

Step 4 (International Students Only):  

Follow all instructions outlined here: and
 For additional information, please email

Step 5:  Departmental Application – All applicants domestic and international apply by December 15.

The Psychology Department is now using an  ONLINE APPLICATION.

  1. In addition to transcripts submitted to the university in Step 3, you will need scanned Transcripts for EVERY College-Level Institution you have ever Attended (unofficial OK).  Please note the university requires hard copies of official transcripts.  You may upload official or unofficial transcripts. Scan your transcripts to a PDF. When scanning your documents, keep the size of document as small as possible by selecting black and white (not color) and a medium resolution (not the highest or best resolution.)  Please ensure that your transcript is readable. If you choose to upload an unofficial transcript, keep in mind that copying and pasting your transcript information from a university website may yield an unformatted, illegible transcript. In that case you will need to upload an official transcript.  If your transcript is not legible, your application will not be considered.  If transcripts are missing, your application will not be considered.
  2. Your Statement of Purpose.  This is a good opportunity to tell us about yourself and why you think you would be a successful student in our graduate program. Please include information about your background relevant to your planned graduate study, your reasons for wanting to pursue graduate study in psychology, areas of discipline that are of particular interest to you, why you are specifically interested in San Diego State University’s program, your long-term professional goals, and any other information that you think is relevant. In addition, we request that you provide additional information about faculty mentor preferences, specifically in terms of how their research program fits with your interests. (3 double-spaced pages or less).
  3. Your Resume or CV.

The following items are to be downloaded from the online application, completed, and uploaded:

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Assistantship Form

Three Letters of Recommendation

We have completely eliminated the use of the paper letters of recommendation. As part of the electronic application, you will be asked to indicate the names, titles, institution, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of three recommenders. After you provide their information, our system will then email your recommenders saying that you have named him/her as a recommender to our program. Recommenders will be asked to complete an online rating form and then upload a letter of recommendation as a pdf file.

We admit students for fall semester only. The departmental application deadline is December 15.

For information on the application for the Joint Doctoral Program, click here.