Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Issues related to language, culture, and cognition, public policy and human development, healthcare communication, scientific discourse and beliefs, spatial language and cognition, indigenous languages and cultures of Mexico and the US, border and transnational populations.


Office or Lab: Imperial Valley Campus, 720 Heber, Calexico, CA 92231-09021 and LS-24D

Phone: 760-768-5678             Fax: 619-594-1332
Office Hours: W 2-4pm Faculty Offices East Room 137, Calexico
Email: labarbanell@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Culture and Cognition Lab


picture of dr. amir naderDR. NADER AMIR


Research Interests: Experimental psychopathology with an emphasis on anxiety disorders.

Office or Lab: ALV-6386/301/8                   Phone: (619) 229-3740    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: namir@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Center for Understanding and Treating Anxiety



picture of dr. armorDR. DAVID ARMOR


Office or Lab: LS 153               Phone: (619) 594-8842    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email:  david.armor@mail.sdsu.edu






Professor and Associate Dean

Research Interests: Behavioral and social epidemiology, health promotion/disease prevention, health outcome evaluation, predictors of health behavior change.

Phone: (619) 594-5142    Fax: (619) 594-3590
Email: catkins@mail.sdsu.edu



Assistant Professor

Research interests: Body image and health behaviors (HIV medication adherence, sexual risk, indoor/outdoor tanning, anabolic-androgenic steroid misuse), with a particular focus on sexual orientation health disparities. 

Office or Lab:  6363 Alvarado Ct., Ste. 103

Phone: tbd

office hours: by appointment 

email: ablashill@mail.sdsu.edu

Lab: Body Image, Sexuality, and Health (BISH) Lab



picture of dr. brasser


Associate Professor and Master’s Programs Associate Advisor

Research Interests: Physiological mechanisms of action of ethanol on the nervous system that regulate behavioral ingestion of the drug.

Office or Lab: ALV-6330/231                   Phone: (619) 594-8652    Fax: (619) 594-1895
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: sbrasser@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Alcohol Sensory Processing/Behavioral Neurobiology



picture of dr. castanedaDR. DONNA CASTANEDA


Research Interests: The role of gender and ethnicity in close relationships; health promotion in Latina/o communities; and how characteristics of service delivery systems influence the provision of health and mental health services.

Office or Lab:  Imperial Valley Campus, 720 Heber, Calexico, CA 92231-09021  and LS 24D                  Phone: (760) 768-5586
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: dcastaneda@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Marital Satisfaction and Mental Health Lab
Dr. Castaneda’s Curriculum Vitae


portrait of dr. jeff conteDR. JEFF CONTE

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Examining the measurement of various personality dimensions and how they are related to work and health outcomes.

Office or Lab: LS- 287                   Phone: (619) 594-0706    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: jeff.conte@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Personality Measurement Lab



picture of dr. cordero

Associate Professor

Research Interests:  Eating disorders and body image, including cultural and familial contributions to these issues; resilience and promotion of mental and physical wellbeing in college students; quality of life and relationship with the body among cancer patients and survivors; and mental-health issues pertaining to Latinos, women, and individuals from lower socioeconomic statuses.

Office or Lab: Imperial Valley Campus , 720 Heber, Calexico, CA 92231-09021 and LS-24D     On Campus Phone: 65610
Office Hours: W 4-6pm Faculty Offices East Room 137 Calexico
Email: ecordero@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Eating Disorders and Body Image


portrait of dr. cronanDR. TERRY CRONAN


Research Interests: Community interventions, community psychology, literacy development, multicultural issues, coping and chronic diseases, and health care utilization.

Office or Lab: Office Location: ALV 6505/110                   Phone: (619) 594-6915    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: tcronan@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Health Outcomes Studies Lab



portrait of dr. thierry devosDR. THIERRY DEVOS


Research Interests:  Issues related to social identity, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination and how attitudes and beliefs about self and social groups operate outside of conscious awareness or control.

Office or Lab: LS-273                    Phone: (619) 594-6911    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment and Th 9-10:30am
Email: tdevos@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Intergroup Relations Laboratory




picture of dr. amy drahota


Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Implementation of evidence-based practices in community settings; mental health services for children with autism spectrum disorders; use of evidence-based practices in community settings; intervention development and effectiveness for anxiety disorders; university-community collaborative partnerships.

Office or Lab: Child & Adolescent Services Research Center, 3020 Children’s Way MC 5033 San Diego, CA 92123-4282
Phone: (858) 966-7703 ext 3155    Fax: (858) 966-7704  Office Hours: By Appointment
Email:  adrahota@projects.sdsu.edu


Mark Ehrhart


Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Research Interests: Organizational climate and culture, leadership, organizational citizenship behavior, implementation of evidence-based practices, levels of analysis, health and mental health organizations

Office or Lab: LS-285                    Phone: (619) 594-4439    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment and Th 12:30-1:30pm
Email: mehrhart@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Research on Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness (ROLE) Lab
Dr. Ehrhart’s Curriculum Vitae



portrait of inna fishman


Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Main research interests lie in the domain broadly described as social neuroscience.  Particular interests include neural mechanisms underlying social cognition in typical and atypical development, and understanding how these mechanisms ultimately give rise to overt patterns of social behavior.

Office or Lab: 6363 Alvarado Court, Suite 200  Brain Development Imaging Lab              Phone:  619-594-2299  Fax:  619-594-0659      Office Hours: by appointment
Email:  ifishman@mail.sdsu.edu


portrait of dr. margaret friendDR. MARGARET FRIEND

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Basic processes of language learning and literacy development.

Office or Lab: Alv6505/101/19                  Phone: (619) 594-0273    Fax: (619) 594-6780
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: mfriend@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: The Infant and Child Development Lab




picture of dr. galloDR. LINDA GALLO


Research Interests: Psychosocial and behavioral processes in chronic disease risks and outcomes and on socioeconomic status and ethnicity-related health inequities.

Office or Lab:  6363 Alvarado Ct., Ste. 103/3;  9245 Sky Park Court, Suite 105/115                   Phone: (619) 594-4833    Fax: (619) 594-6780
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: lgallo@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Cardio-Metabolic Health Disparities Laboratory


 picture of dr. gilbertDR. PAUL GILBERT


Research Interests: Cognitive, behavioral, and motor changes in older adults and individuals diagnosed with neurodegenerative disease.

Office or Lab: 6330 Alvarado Court, Suite 201  San Diego, CA 92120
Phone: (619) 594-7409    Fax: (619) 594-3773
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: pgilbert@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease Research Laboratory



portrait of dr. dale glaserDR. DALE GLASER


Research Interests: Multivariate statistics and the application of such, especially in regards to structural equation modeling.

Office or Lab: LS 188c                  Phone: (619) 220-0602    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: glaserconsult@sbcglobal.net



portrait of rachel haine-schlagel


Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Developing and examining methods to increase parent active participation in child mental health services.

Office or Lab: Investigator, Child & Adolescent Srvcs Research Center (CASRC) at Rady Children’s Hospital- San Diego
3020 Children’s Way, MC 5033 San Diego, CA 92123                 Phone: (858) 966-7703 ext. 3583    Fax: (858) 966-7704
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: rhaine@projects.sdsu.edu



picture of dr. kate hattrupDR. KATE HATTRUP


Research Interests: Cross-cultural psychology and organizational behavior, job attitudes, psychological measurement, criterion theory and performance evaluation, personnel selection.

Office or Lab: LS-275                  Phone: (619) 594-1876    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours:  T and Th 1:30-2:30
Email: khattrup@mail.sdsu.edu 
Lab: Culture, Work Values, and Organizational Behavior



picture of dr. phillip holcomb DR. PHILLIP HOLCOMB


Research Interests: The brain basis of human cognition, primarily language comprehension and production, using electrophysiological measures

Office or Lab: ALV-6505/203                   Phone: (619) 594-3209
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: pholcomb@sdsu.edu
Lab: NeuroCognition Lab



Picture of Dr. Lisa KathDR. LISA KATH

Associate Professor and Master’s Programs Associate Advisor

Research Interests: Training motivation and effectiveness, self-efficacy, organizational climate and change, women and minorities in the workplace.

Office or Lab: LS-293                  Phone: (619) 594-8702    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: Lisa.Kath@sdsu.edu
Lab: POWER Lab




portrait of dr. klonoffDR. ELIZABETH KLONOFF

Professor and Co-Director of SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology

Research Interests: Tobacco research and cultural diversity-specifically: youth access to tobacco; tobacco-control policies; role of acculturation, gender/ethnic discrimination, segregation, and violence in smoking and morbidity; ethnic-minority health; women’s health

Office or Lab: Alv-6363/103/11                    Phone: (619) 594-8642   Fax: (619) 594-6780
Office Hours: by appointment
Email:  eklonoff@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Tobacco Research, Cultural Diversity, and Health



portrait of dr. laumakis



Office or Lab: LS 153            Phone: (619) 594-1933    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: Th 11-12 (online)
Email: mlaumakis@mail.sdsu.edu



portrait of dr. vanessa malcarneDR. VANESSA MALCARNE


Research Interests: Adjustment to chronic illness in children and adults; beliefs about physical and mental illness; measurement of ethnic identity and acculturation; ethnicity and psychopathology.

Office or Lab: Alv-6363 Ste. 103                    Phone: (619) 594-6495    Fax: (619) 594-6780
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: vmalcarne@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Chronic Illness Research Lab



picture of dr. marxDR. DAVID MARX

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Research focuses on several aspects of social cognition including stereotypes, social comparison, and attention. One primary line of research centers on defining and refining stereotype threat.

Office or Lab:  LS 160                 Phone: (619) 594-8708    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: dmarx@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Threat, Emotions, and Stereotyping Lab (the TEST lab)
Curriculum Vitae



Dr. Ksenija Marinkovic

Associate Professor

Research interests: Multimodal imaging of cognitive functions with particular emphasis on alcohol-related impairments as a function of neurotransmitter genetic markers

Office or Lab:  6505 Alvarado Rd. Suite 202
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: kmarinkovic@mail.sdsu.edu

Lab: Spatio-Temporal Brain Imaging Lab




Professor and Chair

Research Interests:  Tobacco control, behavior-environment interaction, measurement, evaluation research, and the use of meta-analysis to probe the generalizability of causal associations.

Office or Lab: LS 110c                    Phone:  (619) 594-6262    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: georg.matt@sdsu.edu
Lab: Measurement and Evaluation Research Group (MERG)



portrait of dr. sarah mattsonDR. SARAH N. MATTSON


Research Interests: Child Neuropsychology, Behavioral Teratology, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Office or Lab: Alv 6330/100                    Phone: (619) 594-7228    Fax: (619) 594-1895
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: sarah.mattson@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Alcohol Research Lab





Research Interests: Organizational and activational influences of sex steroids on cognitive sex differences in humans and animals.

Office or Lab: ALV 6367/204                   Phone: (619) 594-1894    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: rmcgivern@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Cognitive Sex Differences


photo of dr. katherine midgley DR. KATHERINE MIDGLEY

Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests:  Bilingualism and second language acquisition – the cognitive and neural processes involved in using and acquiring a vocabulary in a second language.

Office or Lab: ALV-6505/203           Phone: (619) 594-3209
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: kmidgley@sdsu.edu
Lab: NeuroCognition Lab


portrait of dr. muellerDR. RALPH-AXEL MULLER


Research Interests: Functional and anatomical brain development in neurotypical children and those with developmental disorders (especially autism).

Office or Lab: 6363 Alvarado Ct., #200                  Phone: (619)-594-5276     Lab: (619)-594-0176     Fax: (619)-594-8707
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: rmueller@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Brain Development Imaging



portrait of dr. claire murphyDR. CLAIRE MURPHY


Research Interests: The relationship of the brain to behavior.
Office or Lab:  6363 Alvarado Court, Suite 101                  Phone: (619) 594-4559    Fax: (619) 594-3773
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: cmurphy@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Life-Span Human Senses




portrait of dr. sadia najmiDR. SADIA NAJMI

Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Information-processing in anxiety disorders
Office or Lab:  ALV-6386/301                Phone: (619) 229-3740    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: sadia.najmi.phd@gmail.com
Lab: nas.psy.sdsu.edu



portrait of dr. joe priceDR. JOSEPH M. PRICE


Research Interests: Understanding the parameters of the social-environmental conditions necessary for normal development, the consequences for individual development when social-environmental conditions fall outside the species-normal range, and how best to develop and implement intervention programs for children whose social-environmental conditions fail to provide the conditions necessary for normal development.

Office or Lab: Alv-6363 Ste. 103/6                    Phone: (619) 594-5241    Fax: (619) 594-6780
Office Hours: by appointment and W 2:15-3:15pm
Email: jmprice@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Developmental Psychopathology



portrait of dr. radmila prislinDR. RADMILA PRISLIN

Professor and Associate Dean

Research Interests: Social influence and social change, group dynamics in the aftermath of social change, attitudes and persuasion, and the evaluation of public health programs.

Office or Lab: LS-277 and SSE 1410               Phone: (619) 594-3321    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: rprislin@mail.sdsu.edu




picture of judy reilly



Research Interests:
Office of Lab: Alv 6330/208        Phone: (619) 594-2840    Fax:
Office Hours: By Appointment
Email: reilly1@mail.sdsu.edu



portrait of dr. rileyDR. EDWARD P. RILEY


Research Interests: Prenatal exposure to alcohol and its affect on the developing embryo and fetus and any alterations in the normal development of brain and behavior.

Office or Lab: Alv 6330/100                    Phone: (619) 594-4566    Fax: (619) 594-1895
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: eriley@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Behavioral Teratology




portrait of dr. scott roeschDR. SCOTT C. ROESCH


Research Interests: Trait-state models of stress and coping; coping with physical illness, and particularly cancer; cultural, ethnic, and acculturation differences in stress and coping; cross-ethnic measurement equivalence; structural equation modeling, meta-analysis.

Office or Lab:  LS-162                   Phone: (619) 594-2652    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: sroesch@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Stress and Coping

Dr. Roesch’s Curriculum Vitae



portrait of dr. sadlerDR. MELODY SADLER

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Category differentiation and inter-group evaluative bias, the formation of stereotyping and prejudice in groups and the implications for information processing.
Office or Lab: LS 173                    Phone: (619) 594-1580    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: msadler@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Stereotype and Emotions Laboratory



portrait of dr. saponjicDR. SHAWNA SAPONJIC


Office or Lab: LS-24E              Phone: (619) 594-4173   Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours:
Email: saponjic@mac.com



portrait of dr. maggie symeDR. MAGGIE SYME

Research Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Aging and sexuality, including sexual consent capacity in cognitively compromised older adults; sexual quality of life in cancer survivors; particularly aging survivors; psychological well-being of older adults; and culturally competent care for older adults.

Office or Lab:  6363 Alvarado Court, Ste 250                  Phone: 619-594-0180
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: msyme@projects.sdsu.edu or maggie.mai.29@gmail.com





Research Interests: To develop programs for improving productivity and work motivation.
Office or Lab:   LS 24B                 Phone: (619) 226-7726    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment or 30 minutes before or after class
Email: ctatum13@cox.net  



portrait of dr. michael taylorDR. MICHAEL TAYLOR

Lecturer and JDP Clinic Director

Research Interests: To apply magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and other novel neuroimaging techniques to the study of diseases impacting the CNS in order to evaluate treatment efficacy and/or disease progression.
Office or Lab: ALV 6464/102                   Phone: (858) 642-3101    Fax: (858) 552-7432
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: mjtaylor@mail.sdsu.edu



dr. katherine turnerDR. KATHERINE TURNER

Lecturer and Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising

Office or Lab:  LS 155                 Phone: (619) 594-5129    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: katherine.turner@mail.sdsu.edu





portrait of dr. jennifer thomasDR. JENNIFER THOMAS

Professor and Master’s Programs Advisor

Research Interests: Behavioral Teratology, developmental neuroanatomy and psychobiology, neurobiology of learning and memory, animal learning and cognition.
Office or Lab: Alv 6330/100 and LS 110B                  Phone: (619) 594-0681    Fax: (619) 594-6780
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: thomas3@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Behavioral Teratology




portrait of dr. jean twengeDR. JEAN TWENGE


Research Interests:  How culture affects individuals — particularly how the young generation is different and why.

Office or Lab: LS-289                    Phone: (619) 594-4437    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: jtwenge@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Generations Lab



portrait of dr. emilio ulloaDR. EMILIO ULLOA

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Advising

Research Interests: Social Psychology.  Dating violence and violence against women prevention, social distinctiveness, ethnic, bicultural, and social identification, and undergraduate student success.

Office or Lab: LS-105B                  Phone: (619) 594-3110    Fax: (619) 594-1332
Office Hours: by appointment by calling 619-594-5412
Email: emilio.ulloa@mail.sdsu.edu    Advising Emailpsychology.advising.sdsu@gmail.com 
Lab: SDSU Youth Violence Prevention Lab
Dr. Ulloa’s Curriculum Vitae



picture of dr. vaughnDR. ALLISON VAUGHN

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Social relationships and health- a variety of  social relationships are studied at various stages.  Variables include impacts to mental health, physical health and work-related areas.  Also examined are the stereotypes of and prejudice toward lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals.
Office or Lab:  LS-175                    Phone: 619-594-5536     Fax: 619-594-1332
Office Hours: W 12-1pm and by appointment
Email: avaughn@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Social Relationships and Health Lab



portrait of dr. robin weersingDR. V. ROBIN WEERSING

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Psychotherapy effectiveness, anxiety and depression, developmental psychopathology.

Office or Lab: ALV-6363/200                  Phone: (619) 594-8892  Fax: (619) 594-8913
Office Hours: by appointment
Email: robin.weersing@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Child and Adolescent Anxiety and Mood Program (ChAAMP) Website



picture of dr. wellsDR. KRISTEN WELLS

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:  cancer-related disparities, cancer communication, patient navigation, community health workers, systemic reviews, survey design

Office or Lab: ALV-6363/103                   Phone: (619) 594-1919    Fax: 619-594-6780
Office Hours: M 10-11am and by appointment
Email: kwells@mail.sdsu.edu
Lab: Cancer Disparities and Cancer Communication Lab


portrait of dr. yeh


Associate Professor and Master’s Programs Associate Advisor

Research Interests: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Lab – Research in this lab involves mental health services delivery for children, with particular interests in cultural issues, cultural competence, school involvement in services, and adapting efficacious treatments for culturally diverse populations.

Office or Lab: ALV 6363/103/5                Phone: (619) 594-2838   Fax: (619) 594-6780
Office Hours: by appointment
Email:  myeh@mail.sdsu.edu





Emeritus Faculty

BORGES, Marilyn A.



DICKEN, Charles F.



GALLO, Philip S. (- 2011)

GRAF, Richard G.

GRAHAM, William K.

GROSSBERG, John (-2008)

HARARI, Herbert (1933-2013)


HORNBECK, Frederick W.

HUNRICHS, William A.

KAREN, Robert L.

KASS, Norman



LEE, Raymond


LYNN, Elizabeth




PENN, Robert


PRICE, Judy M.

PSOMAS, Timothy

REED, Steve

RODIN, Miriam


SATTLER, Jerome M.

SCHULTE, Richard H.

SCOLLAY, Patricia A.

SCOTT, Thomas R.

SEGAL, Evalyn F.

SMITH, John R. ( – 2013)


STEVENS, Walter R.