Rank/Appointment Faculty Name Email Address
Professor/ University President HIRSHMAN, Elliot presidents.office@sdsu.edu
Professor/ Associate Dean for the College of Sciences ATKINS, Cathie J. catkins@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor/ Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs –Resource Management PRISLIN, Radmila rprislin@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor/ Provost Emerita MARLIN, Nancy nmarlin@mail.sdsu.edu
Adjunct Professor/ Director of the Office of EOPS and Ethnic Affairs ULLOA, Emilio emilio.ulloa@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor AMIR, Nader namir@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor CASTAÑEDA, Donna dcastaneda@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor CRONAN, Terry tcronan@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor DEVOS, Thierry tdevos@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor GALLO, Linda C. lgallo@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor GILBERT, Paul pgilbert@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor HATTRUP, Kate khattrup@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor HOLCOMB, Phillip pholcomb@sdsu.edu
Professor/ JDP Co-Director MALCARNE, Vanessa vmalcarne@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor/ Department Chair MATT, Georg E. gmatt@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor MATTSON, Sarah N. sarah.mattson@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor MCGIVERN, Robert F. mcgivern@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor MÜLLER, Ralph-Axel rmueller@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor MURPHY, Claire cmurphy@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor PRICE, Joseph M. jmprice@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor ROESCH, Scott C. sroesch@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor/ Director of MRI Imaging Facility SERENO, Martin msereno@sdsu.edu
Professor/ Master’s Programs Advisor THOMAS, Jennifer thomas3@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor TWENGE, Jean M. jtwenge@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor/ Master’s Programs Associate Advisor BRASSER, Susan M. sbrasser@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor CONTE, Jeffrey M. jeff.conte@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor CORDERO, Elizabeth ecordero@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor/ Associate Chair EHRHART, Mark G. mehrhart@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor FRIEND, Margaret mfriend@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor KATH, Lisa lisa.kath@sdsu.edu
Associate Professor MARINKOVIC, Ksenija kmarinkovic@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor MARX, David dmarx@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor SADLER, Melody msadler@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor VAUGHN, Allison avaughn@mail.sdsu.edu
Professor WEERSING, V. Robin rweersing@mail.sdsu.edu
Associate Professor YEH, May myeh@mail.sdsu.edu
Assistant Professor ABARBANELL, Linda labarbanell@mail.sdsu.edu
Assistant Professor BLASHILL, Aaron ablashill@mail.sdsu.edu
Assistant Professor KAPPENMAN, Emily emily.kappenman@sdsu.edu
Assistant Professor THOMAN, Dustin dustin.thoman@csulb.edu
Associate Professor WELLS, Kristen kwells@mail.sdsu.edu
Assistant Professor WIGGINS, Jillian jwiggins@mail.sdsu.edu
Lecturer ARMOR, David david.armor@mail.sdsu.edu
Lecturer GLASER, Dale glaserconsult@sbcglobal.net
Lecturer LAUMAKIS, Mark mlaumakis@mail.sdsu.edu
Lecturer SAPONJIC, Shawna saponjic@mac.com
Lecturer SPILKIN, Amy aspilkin@gmail.com
Lecturer TATUM, B. Charles ctatum13@cox.net
Lecturer/ JDP Clinic Director TAYLOR, Michael mtaylor@mail.sdsu.edu
Lecturer/ Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising TURNER, Katherine katherine.turner@mail.sdsu.edu
Research Assistant Professor CARPER, Ruth rcarper@mail.sdsu.edu
Research Assistant Professor FISHMAN, Inna ifishman@mail.sdsu.edu
Research Assistant Professor MIDGLEY, Katherine kmidgley@sdsu.edu
Research Assistant Professor NAJMI, Sadia najmi.sadia@gmail.com
Research Assistant Professor PROCTOR, Laura lproctor@mail.sdsu.edu
Research Assistant Professor MOORE, Eileen eimoore@mail.sdsu.edu