Labs and Centers

Faculty Member

Center for Understanding and Treating Anxiety Nader Amir, Ph.D
Aging and Dementia Paul Gilbert, Ph.D
Alcohol Research Lab Sarah N. Mattson, Ph.D
Alcohol Sensory Processing Susan Brasser, Ph.D
Center for Behavioral Teratology Edward P. Riley, Ph.D
Jennifer Thomas, Ph.D
Sarah N. Mattson, Ph.D
Brain and Spatial Cognitive Development in Children Pamela Moses, Ph.D
Brain Development Imaging Lab Ralph-Axel Muller, Ph.D
Categorical Distortions Roger Dunn, Ph.D
Child and Adolescent Anxiety and Mood Program (ChAAMP) V. Robin Weersing, Ph.D
Cognitive Sex Differences Robert F. McGivern, Ph.D
COR Scholars Program Terry A. Cronan, Ph.D
CRMSE – Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education Stephen K. Reed, Ph.D
Culture, Cognition, and Cognitive Development Sara Unsworth, Ph.D
Culture, Work Values, and Organizational Behavior Kate Hattrup, Ph.D
Decision Making, Probability Theory, Social Phenomena, Sports Psychology Richard G. Graf, Ph.D
Differences Among Generations Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D
Eating Disorders and Body Image Elizabeth D. Cordero, Ph.D
Health Outcomes Studies Terry A. Cronan, Ph.D
Inclusion And Diversity Collaborative (IADC) Thierry Devos, Ph.D
Infant and Child Development Laboratory Margaret Friend, Ph.D
Intergroup Relations Laboratory Thierry Devos, Ph.D
Life-Span Human Senses Lab Claire Murphy, Ph.D
Marital Satisfaction and Mental Health Lab Donna Castaneda, Ph.D
Measurement and Evaluation Research Group (MERG) Georg E. Matt, Ph.D
Personality Measurement Lab Jeffrey M. Conte, Ph.D
Psychosocial Factors in Coronary Heart Disease Risks and Outcomes Linda C. Gallo, Ph.D
Psychosocial, Medical, & Multicultural Aspects of Adjustment to Chronic Illness  Vanessa Malcarne, Ph.D
Research on Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness (ROLE) Lab Mark G. Ehrhart, Ph.D
SDSU Youth Violence Prevention Lab Emilio Ulloa, Ph.D
Social Development Lab Joseph M. Price, Ph.D
Social Influence and Group Dynamics Laboratory Radmila Prislin, Ph.D
Social Relationships and Health Lab Allison Vaughn, Ph.D
Stereotyping and Emotions (STEM) Lab Melody Sadler, Ph.D
Stress and Coping Lab Scott C. Roesch, Ph.D
Threat, Emotions, and Stereotyping Lab (the TEST lab) David Marx, Ph.D
Tobacco Research, Cultural Diversity, and Health Elizabeth Klonoff, Ph.D
Psychology of Organizational Well-Being and Effectiveness Research (POWER) Lisa Kath, Ph.D